May 30, 2014

Daily Links: 30 May 2014

  • Director talks Jurassic Park sequel. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow talks to Slashfilm about his forthcoming sequel, including its basic premise and the thinking that got him there. This interview does spoil the basic ideas behind the new film, but it also gave me a lot more reassurance that it might be pretty awesome. (link)
  • Penny Dreadful. I haven't seen anything from the new TV series Penny Dreadful, but British critic Mark Lawson has, and he writes interestingly about it at the New Statesman. (link)
  • Best Musicals. Buzzfeed runs through the 43 best Broadway musicals that have premiered since 2000. I'm not familiar with half of these, and now want to see quite a few of them one day. (link)
  • Evil Gummies. This is kind of gross, but just made me laugh. (link)
  • Sting by Leibovitz. Great photo of Sting by the faultless photographer Annie Leibovitz. It's attached to an article about the forthcoming musical The Last Ship, but the interview is behind a paywall. So really this link is purely for the nice photo. (link)

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  1. I've only seen one episode of Penny Dreadful so far but it's REALLY good. An elegant, literate gorefest.


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