Doctor Who reviews

Doctor Who (1963-1989)
Series 1 (cumulative score: 67%)
"An Unearthly Child"
1.1: "An Unearthly Child" (review)
1.2: "The Cave of Skulls" (review)
1.3: "The Forest of Fear" (review)
1.4: "The Firemaker" (review)
"The Daleks"
1.5: "The Dead Planet" (review)
1.6: "The Survivors" (review)
1.7: "The Escape" (review)
1.8: "The Ambush" (review)
1.9: "The Expedition" (review)
1.10: "The Ordeal" (review)
1.11: "The Rescue" (review)
"The Edge of Destruction"
1.12: "The Edge of Destruction" (review)
1.13: "The Brink of Disaster" (review)
"Marco Polo"
1.14: "The Roof of the World" (review)
1.15: "The Singing Sands" (review)
1.16: "Five Hundred Eyes" (review)
1.17: "Wall of Lies" (review)
1.18: "Rider from Shang-Tu" (review)
1.19: "Mighty Kublai Khan" (review)
1.20: "Assassin at Peking" (review)
"The Keys of Marinus"
1.21: "The Sea of Death" (review)
1.22: "The Velvet Web" (review)
1.23: "The Screaming Jungle" (review)
1.24: "The Snows of Terror" (review)
1.25: "Sentence of Death" (review)
1.26: "The Keys of Marinus" (review)
"The Aztecs"
1.27: "The Temple of Evil" (review)
1.28: "The Warriors of Death" (review)
1.29: "The Bride of Sacrifice" (review)
1.30: "The Day of Darkness" (review)
"The Sensorites"
1.31: "Strangers in Space" (review)
1.32: "The Unwilling Warriors" (review)
1.33: "Hidden Danger" (review)
1.34: "A Race Against Death" (review)
1.35: "Kidnap" (review)
1.36: "A Desperate Venture" (review)
"The Reign of Terror"
1.37: "A Land of Fear" (review)
1.38: "Guests of Madame Guillotine" (review)
1.39: "A Change of Identity" (review)
1.40: "The Tyrant of France" (review)
1.41: "A Bargain of Necessity" (review)
1.42: "Prisoners of Conciergerie" (review)

Series 2 (cumulative score: 94%)
"Planet of Giants"
2.1: "Planet of Giants" (review)
2.2: "Dangerous Journey" (review)
2.3: "Crisis" (review)
"The Dalek Invasion of Earth"
2.4: "World's End" (review)
2.5: "The Daleks" (review)
2.6: "Day of Reckoning" (review)
2.7: "The End of Tomorrow" (review)
2.8: "The Waking Ally" (review)
2.9: "Flashpoint" (review)
"The Rescue"
2.10: "The Powerful Enemy" (review)
2.11: "Desperate Measures" (review)
"The Romans"
2.12: "The Slave Traders" (review)
2.13: "All Roads Lead to Rome" (review)
2.14: "Conspiracy" (review)
2.15: "Inferno" (review)
"The Web Planet"
2.16: "The Web Planet" (review)
2.17: "The Zarbi" (review)
Doctor Who (2005-?)
Season 5 (cumulative score: 92%)
5.1: "The Eleventh Hour" (review)
5.2: "The Beast Below" (review)
5.3: "Victory of the Daleks" (review)
5.4: "The Time of Angels" (review)
5.5: "Flesh and Stone" (review)
5.6: "The Vampires of Venice" (review)
5.7: "Amy's Choice" (review)
5.8: "The Hungry Earth" (review)
5.9: "Cold Blood" (review)
5.10: "Vincent and the Doctor" (review)
5.11: "The Lodger" (review)
5.12: "The Pandorica Opens" (review)
5.13: "The Big Bang" (review)

"A Christmas Carol" (review)
Season 7 (cumulative score: 86%)
7.1: "Asylum of the Daleks" (review)
7.2: "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" (review)
7.3: "A Town Called Mercy" (review)
7.4: "The Power of Three" (review)
7.5: "The Angels Take Manhattan" (review)
7.6: "The Snowmen" (review)
7.7: "The Bells of St John" (review)
7.8: "The Rings of Akhaten" (review)
7.9: "Cold War" (review)
7.10: "Hide" (review)
7.11: "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" (review)
7.12: "The Crimson Horror" (review)
7.13: "Nightmare in Silver" (review)
7.14: "The Name of the Doctor" (review) 
"The Day of the Doctor" (review)
"The Time of the Doctor" (review)

Season 8 (cumulative score: 67%)
8.1: "Deep Breath" (review)
8.2: "Into the Dalek" (review)
8.3: "Robot of Sherwood" (review)
8.4: "Listen" (review)
8.5: "Time Heist" (review)
8.6: "The Caretaker" (review)
8.7: "Kill the Moon" (review)
8.8: "Mummy on the Orient Express" (review)
8.9: "Flatline" (review)
8.10: "In the Forest of the Night" (review)
8.11: "Dark Water" (review)
8.12: "Death in Heaven" (review)

"Last Christmas" (review)

Season 9 (cumulative score: 100%)
9.1: "The Magician's Apprentice" (review)
9.2: "The Witch's Familiar" (review)
9.3: "Under the Lake" (review)
9.4: "Before the Flood" (review)
9.5: "The Girl Who Died" (review)
9.6: "The Woman Who Lived" (review)
9.7: "The Zygon Invasion" (review)
9.8: "The Zygon Inversion" (review)
9.9: "Sleep No More" (review)
9.10: "Face the Raven" (review)
9.11: "Heaven Sent" (review)
9.12: "Hell Bent" (review)

"The Husbands of River Song" (review)
"The Return of Dr Mysterio" (review)

Season 10 (cumulative score: 100%)
(Season 10 was reviewed for FilmInk.)
10.1: "The Pilot" (review)
10.2: "Smile" (review)
10.3: "Thin Ice" (review)
10.4: "Knock Knock" (review)
10.5: "Oxygen" (review)
10.6: "Extremis" (review)
10.7: "The Pyramid at the End of the World" (review)
10.8: "The Lie of the Land" (review)
10.9: "The Empress of Mars" (review)
10.10: "The Eaters of Light" (review)
10.11: "World Enough and Time" (review)
10.12: "The Doctor Falls" (review)

"Twice Upon a Time" (review)

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