Anime reviews

Season 1 (cumulative score: 69%)
1.1: "Eternal Dreams" (review)
1.2: "The Chosen Lights" (review)
1.3: "Stardust Selection" (review)
1.4: "Your Efforts Aren't in Vain" (review)
1.5: "Their Day Off" (review)
1.6: "Their First Handshake Event" (review)
1.7: "Kirara of Succession" (review)
1.8: "To Whom Does the Name Belong?" (review)
1.9: "Emotion Relation" (review)
1.10: "Miracle of the Waves" (review)
1.11: "Return to Lancastar" (review)
1.12: "The Idol Who Sings of Love" (review)
1.13: "For Their Smiles" (review)
Atom: The Beginning
Season 1 (cumulative score: 0%)
1.1: "The Birth of Mighty Atom" (review)
Bodacious Space Pirates
Season 1 (cumulative score: 71%)
1.1: "Pirates, Coming Through" (review)
1.2: "My Power, the Power of Pirates" (review)
1.3: "The Odette II Leaves Port" (review)
1.4: "The Final Battle is at Midnight" (review)
1.5: "Marika Makes a Decision" (review)
1.6: "Marika's First Day of Work" (review)
1.7: "The Peace Does Not Last" (review)
1.8: "The Princess and the Pirate" (review)
1.9: "A Beautiful Launch" (review)
1.10: "Battle in the Storm" (review)
1.11: "Wanderer of Light" (review)
1.12: "A Return from Eternity" (review)
1.13: "Marika Sends an Invitation" (review)
1.14: "Marika Goes Recruiting" (review)
1.15: "Smuggling, Leaving Port and a Big Jump!" (review)
1.16: "The Hakouh Pirates' First Job" (review)
1.17: "A Surprising Client" (review)
1.18: "We'll Have Juice at the Afterparty" (review)
1.19: "The Bonds Between the Four" (review)
1.20: "The Captain Rides the Waves" (review)
1.21: "The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup" (review)
Broken Blade
Season 1 (cumulative score: 0%)
1.1: "The Time of Awakening" (review)
Cute High Earth Defence Force Love!
Season 1 (cumulative score: 100%)
1.1: "In the Name of Love" (review)
Season 1 (cumulative score: 25%)
1.1: "Above Aoi" (review)
1.2: "Manifestation of Hatred" (review)
1.3: "The Times of a Chance Encounter" (review)
1.4: "The Cause of the Duty" (review)
Gatchaman Crowds
Season 1 (cumulative score: 75%)
1.1: "Avant-Garde" (review)
1.2: "Asymmetry" (review)
1.3: "Futurism" (review)
1.4: "Kitsch" (review)
1.5: "Collaboration" (review)
1.6: "Originality" (review)
1.7: "Abjection" (review)
1.8: "Genuine" (review)
1.9: "Forgery" (review)
1.11: "Gamification" (review)
1.12: "Collage" (review)

Season 2: Insight (cumulative score: 100%)
2.0: "Inbound" (review)
Genesis Climber Mospeada
Season 1 (cumulative score: 60%)
1.1: "Prelude to the Offensive" (review)
1.2: "The Broken-hearted Girl's March" (review, eps 2-5)
1.3: "Showdown Concert at High Noon"
1.4: "Survival Song Feeling"
1.5: "Live Inn Scorched Earth Policy"
Izetta: The Last Witch
Season 1 (cumulative score: 67%)
1.1: "Beginning of the War" (review)
1.2: "Scars and Gunfire" (review)
1.3: "The Sword in the Heavens" (review)
1.4: "The Secret of the Witch" (review)
1.5: "A False Miracle" (review)
1.6: "On a Quiet Day..." (review)
Kokoro Connect
Season 1 (cumulative score: 33%)
1.1: "A Story That Had Begun Before Anyone Realised It" (review)
1.2: "Some Fascinating Humans" (review)
1.3: "Jobber and Low Blow" (review)
Nanana's Buried Treasure
Season 1 (cumulative score: 0%)
1.1: "Disowned and Exiled" (review)
1.2: "The Nanae Island Third High School Adventure Club" (review)
Samurai Flamenco
Season 1 (cumulative score: 67%)
1.1: "Samurai Flamenco Debuts!" (review)
1.2: "My Umbrella is Missing" (review)
1.3: "Flamenco vs. Fake Flamenco" (review)
1.4: "Idol Devastation" (review)
1.5: "The Meaning of Justice" (review)
1.6: "Capture Samumenco" (review)
1.7: "Change the World" (review)
1.8: "Attack! Army of Evil" (review)
1.9: "Predetermined Quota" (review)
Thunderbolt Fantasy
Season 1 (cumulative score: 100%)
1.1: "Code of Umbrellas" (review)
Season 1 (cumulative score: 83%)
1.1: "Panicked Fishing" (review)
1.2: "The Frustrating Uni Knot" (review)
1.3: "Lonely Casting" (review)
1.4: "Angry Landing" (review)
1.5: "Discouraged Jerking" (review)
1.6: "Horrified Splash" (review)
1.7: "Painful Countdown" (review)
1.8: "Joyous Fighting" (review)
1.9: "Striking Underwater" (review)
1.10: "Our Tackle" (review)
1.11: "The Legend of the Big Fish" (review)
1.12: "Goodbye Fishing" (review)
Yowamushi Pedal
Season 1 (cumulative score: 58%)
1.1: "Because I Can go to Akiba for Free" (review)
1.2: "To Recruit More Members" (review)
1.3: "I Don't Have Any Friends" (review)
1.4: "Naruko Youkichi" (review)
1.5: "The Sohoku High School Bicycle Racing Team" (review)
1.6: "Welcoming Race" (review)
1.7: "I Want to Catch Up!" (review)
1.8: "Spirit Climb!!" (review)
1.9: "Full Power vs Full Power" (review)
1.10: "Peak Spider" (review)
1.11: "Human Bullet Train!" (review)
1.12: "First Day of Camp!" (review)

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