November 1, 2013

Popular Posts: October 2013

Illness along with interstate travel saw the number of new posts on The Angriest decline a bit in October, so it's no surprise that three of the five most popular posts this month were from earlier times. It's also not a surprise, given the impending anniversary, that three of the five most popular posts were about Doctor Who.
  • Fun with Stats: Who's the longest-running Doctor? (link)
  • Fun with Stats: Doctor Who viewing figures (link)
  • The Lone Ranger (2013) (link)
  • Animated women: Frozen in context (link)
  • Who50 #3: "The Curse of Fenric" (link)
As for the most popular posts published in October, the top five are:
  • The Lone Ranger (2013) (link)
  • Who50 #3: "The Curse of Fenric" (link)
  • The Pull List: 16 October 2013 (link)
  • Who50 #4: "The Aztecs" (link)
  • Game of Thrones: "The Ghost of Harrenhal" (link)

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