March 1, 2013

Popular Posts: February 2013

For the first month since I started recording hits on The Angriest, that review of Pale Rider isn't in the top 5 posts for the month. Instead that honour goes to my review of Chicks Unravel Time, which is a good thing: a book that enjoyable deserves all the attention that it can get.

The five most popular posts in February were:
  • Chicks Unravel Time (2012) (link)
  • The Alternative Silurian (link)
  • The anti-gay adventures of Superman (link)
  • In praise of Short Round, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (link)
  • Five Films: David Morse (link)
Of course, three of those were from February. The other two most popular February posts were:
  • Seven things due for a Doctor Who comeback (link)
  • The Pull List: 13 February 2013 (link)

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