July 28, 2012

Comic Shop Book Club #2: National Comics: Eternity #1

For week two of the Comic Shop Book Club I selected DC's first one-shot from their new National Comics label: Eternity #1. It's written by Jeff Lemire, has art by Cully Hamner, and re-envisages old DC character Kid Eternity - most famously reworked by Grant Morrison and Duncan Fegredo back in the day.

If you've read it, leave a comment: what worked? What didn't? Would you read a monthly Kid Eternity comic based on this premise? Let me know your thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. Personally, my reaction was twofold:

    1. It feels more like a concept for a weekly television series than a monthly comic book.

    2. Gah! Women in refrigerators! Women in refrigerators!!


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