July 3, 2017

The Angriest: June 2017 in review

A lot of people remain very excited about the return of David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks, so I am not too surprised that my review of the second season premiere was the most popular post on The Angriest this month. The Star Trek: The Next Generation reviews continued to be popular as well, particular those for "Timescape", "Descent" and "Descent, Part II".

In June I published one full-length essay, four reviews of new movies, another 10 reviews of older movies, plus reviews of 15 TV episodes, one anime episode, one CD, and 44 comic books. A full index of reviews published here and on both FictionMachine and FilmInk, is available below the cut.

Full-length essay:
  • "The world just as it is: Agora (2009) (link)
New films reviewed (at FictionMachine):
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017, review)
  • The Mummy (2017, review)
  • The Villainess (2017, review at FilmInk)
  • Wonder Woman (2017, review)
Old films reviewed (at FictionMachine):
  • Black Sun (1964, review)
  • Children of Men (2006, review)
  • Chongqing Hotpot (2016, review)
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954, review)
  • In Another Country (2012, review)
  • The Last Princess (2016, review)
  • The Mummy (1932, review)
  • The Mummy (1999, review)
  • Quick Change (1990, review)
  • Starman (1984, review)
TV episodes reviewed:
  • Colditz, "Ace in the Hole" (review)
  • Doctor Who, "The Lie of the Land" (review at FilmInk)
  • Doctor Who, "The Empress of Mars" (review at FilmInk)
  • Doctor Who, "The Eaters of Light" (review at FilmInk)
  • Doctor Who, "World Enough and Time" (review at FilmInk)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Timescape" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Descent" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 6 in review (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Descent, Part II" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Liaisons" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Interface" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Gambit, Part I" (review)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Gambit, Part II" (review)
  • Twin Peaks, Season 2 Episode 1 (review)
  • Twin Peaks, Season 2 Episode 2 (review)
Anime episodes reviewed:
  • Yowamushi Pedal, "First Day of Camp!" (review)
Comic books reviewed:
  • 31 May 2017 (Part 1) (Saga, Doctor Aphra, Doctor Strange, Ladycastle.)
  • 31 May 2017 (Part 2) (Black Road, Hadrian's Wall, Star Trek: Waypoint.)
  • 7 June 2017 (Part 1) (Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow, Heathen, Spider-Man.)
  • 7 June 2017 (Part 2) (The Unsound, Daredevil, Darth Vader, Giant Days.)
  • 7 June 2017 (Part 3) (Jazz Maynard, Extremity, Night Owl Society, Planetoid: Praxis, Hulk, Southern Cross.)
  • 14 June 2017 (Part 1) (Dark Days: The Forge, Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor, Freeway Fighter, Ms Marvel.)
  • 14 June 2017 (Part 2) (Kill the Minotaur, Action Comics, Hulk, Star Wars.)
  • 14 June 2017 (Part 3) (Rai: The History of the Valiant Universe, Detective Comics, Copperhead, Jem and the Holograms.)
  • 21 June 2017 (Part 1) (Super Sons, Britannia, Highlander: The American Dream, Poe Dameron, Rapture.)
  • 21 June 2017 (Part 2) (Swordquest, All Star Batman, Darth Vader, Silver Surfer, Star Trek: Boldly Go.)
Music reviewed:
  • P.K.14, City Weather Sailing (2008, review)

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