October 2, 2013

Popular Posts: September 2013

The 10 most popular articles on The Angriest this month were:
  • Who50 #6: "Blink" (link)
  • The Pull List: 11 September 2013 (link)
  • Babylon 5: "Midnight on the Firing Line" (link)
  • Enterprise: "The Expanse" (link)
  • Babylon 5: "Deathwalker" (link)
  • Bad Girls (2012) (link)
  • Kindle Worlds, and why it may be bad for fandom (link)
  • Enterprise: Season 2 in review (link)
  • Who50 #9: "Full Circle" (link)
  • Fun with Stats: Doctor Who viewing figures (link)
I'm still not certain why the reviews of "Midnight on the Firing Line" and "Deathwalker":  continue to be so popular. It's weird.

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