November 1, 2012

Popular Posts: October 2012

For once that review of Pale Rider wasn't the most popular thing on this blog. Instead, for the month of October, that honour fell to a post about whether or not Wonder Woman's costume needs changing.

The most popular posts for the month of October were:
  • On Wonder Woman's Costume (link)
  • Pale Rider (1985) (link)
  • It's Cold Outside #1: "Trojan" (link)
  • Five Films: David Morse (link)
  • A Random Photo of a Panda (link)
The most popular posts actually written in October were:
  • It's Cold Outside #1: "Trojan" (link)
  • A Random Photo of a Panda (link)
  • I Love the Sega Dreamcast (link)
  • The Pull List: 3 October 2012 (link)
  • The Disney/Star Wars Purchase FAQ (link)

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