November 28, 2012

Ads from Comics: Dungeons & Dragons (1982)

Advertisement for Dungeons & Dragons, from the back cover of ROM #28 (1982).
One of the reasons I adore reading old comic books in their original "floppy" form is the advertisements. If you buy the trade paperback you miss all of these hilarious or fascinating ads they used to publish. The older the comic, the better. Read a comic book today and the ads are all for deodorant sprays, cars and TV shows. Read a comic for 1982, and you get ads like this: selling Dungeons & Dragons to the kids of America. This one's from the back cover of Marvel's ROM: Spaceknight #28, dated March 1982.


  1. Am reading some Swamp Thing comics from 2001 at the moment. It's full of ads for Vertigo action figures, which just seems wrong.

    1. Well at least they were aimed at collectors. Apparently the first John Constantine action figure aimed at children will be coming out in 2013. Now *that* seems wrong.


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