August 2, 2013

Popular Posts: July 2013

Strangely, my review of Babylon 5's first proper episode, "Midnight on the Firing Line", wound up July's most read blog post. I have no idea why. It reminds me that I should probably start watching and reviewing Season 3 soon. Anyway, the five most popular posts were:
  • Babylon 5: "Midnight on the Firing Line" (link)
  • Sexual harassment at science fiction conventions (link)
  • Judging the New 52: Supergirl (link)
  • Eden Lake (2008) (link)
  • The Pull List: 24 July 2013 (link)
As for posts actually first written in July, the five most popular were:
  • Eden Lake (2008) (link)
  • The Pull List: 24 July 2013 (link)
  • Who50: "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" (link)
  • Under the Dome: "The Fire" (link)
  • Who50: "Kinda" (link)

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