August 8, 2013

Odds'n'Sods: Three Links

  • A market analysis does some calculations for Deadline and discovers that in all likelihood Waterworld made a small profit for Universal Pictures, and would have been even more profitable if made today. As someone quite sick of this fun adventure flick being used as a punching bag for every lazy pundit wanting to talk about Hollywood flops, this pleases me. (link)
  • Super Best Friends Forever had the potential to be a massive commercial hit for DC Comics and Warner Bros, so long as they leveraged it properly. Instead they've cocked it up. (link)
  • Mapcrunch is one of my favourite websites: click the button and it transports you to a random Google street view from one of 47 different countries. (link)

1 comment:

  1. That's not Super Best Friends Forever merchandise. It's a separate merchandise line called "My Super Bestfriends" - which is an admittedly confusing name choice in a way that suggests lack of forethought by DC, but that's a different problem from the one it's being accused of. (Also, "My Super Bestfriends" features a different set of characters from "Super Best Friends Forever", although that's admittedly not obvious from the picture.)

    The actual merchandise that has been released for Super Best Friends Forever looks more like this.


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