June 29, 2012

Aaron Sorkin vs. Internet Girl

If you call a journalist "Internet girl" in the middle of an interview, and generally treat her like an entertainment industry hack moron, people are probably going to notice.
  • This article's almost a week old, but somehow I missed it - my loss. The Globe and Mail's Sarah Nicole Prickett on "How to get under Aaron Sorkin's skin".
  • And there's a good follow-up on Jezebel right here, by Katie J.M. Baker.
Now I adore Sorkin's writing. I think he's the best television writer in America today. I drink his snappy dialogue and his fiery didactic monologues like someone dying of thirst in a desert. This doesn't mean I don't think he's perfect (he's not), or that he doesn't deserve every walloping he gets for being an asinine sexist jerk from time to time (he is).
  • Finally, if you want to actually read some Aaron Sorkin, here's a link to his Oscar-winning screenplay The Social Network. It's great stuff.
  • EDIT: There's a good article just up at Dark Matter here, which follows on from this brief post in more length. Check it out.

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