March 25, 2012

My Olympus 2012 Items

I am furthest to the right, at Swancon 2011.

Over Easter I will be attending Olympus 2012 in glamorous Heathrow. If you're likely to be there, and wanted to see/meet/heckle me, I'm scheduled on the following items:

The Art of the Movie Poster: 100 Posters in 50 Minutes
Friday 6 April, 1:00pm (Commonwealth Room)
A presentation I first did at Swancon 2011, slightly rejigged to include some more recent posters and probably a little more orange and teal. Official blurb: "For many moviegoers and film fans, the first glimpse that we see of an upcoming motion picture is the theatrical poster. What goes into the design and layout of these posters? How has poster design changed over the years? How do they attract the eye, inform the viewer and excite a film’s future audience? In a special presentation, film fan Grant Watson demonstrates the design and layout of movie posters with 100 examples squeezed into 50 minutes. Warning: may contain the colours orange and teal."

Science Fiction on Stage
Friday 6 April, 5:00pm (Royal B+C Room)
Another one I've done before, but never in the UK and never with co-panelists Dawn Abigail and David Wake. Official blurb: "Science fiction and the theatre don’t seem to be the most obvious bedfellows, but science fiction has and continues to be presented on the stage. Every medium brings its own benefits and drawbacks. What are the challenges that face playwrights when creating science fiction? What can you achieve with the theatre that you can\'t achieve in any other media?"

Why are the Books of Philip K. Dick Popular for Making Movies?
Saturday 7 April, 12:00pm (Royal B+C Room)
This one is with David Anthony Durham, Dave Lally and Jacqueline Monahan. I have quite a bit to say on this one.

The Metagame
Saturday 7 April, 3:00pm (Edwardian Room)
I am hosting this one. Official blurb: "A game show about arguing about video games. Is Starcraft more culturally relevant than Virtua Fighter? Is Guitar Hero more intellectual than Katamari Damacy? Is Civilization sexier than World of Warcraft? Basically two teams have a grid of famous video games, each team picks a game, and then the host draws a card with a comparative claim such as " sexier than...", "...has better sound than...", etc. Each team's speaker then has to make the claim for their game in 60 seconds. The audience votes on the winner" Featuring James Swallow, Ming, Lucky Kaa and Blazing Skies.

The Fantasy of William Shakespeare
Sunday 8 April, 11:00am (Edwardian Room)
Shakespeare: my second biggest fandom. I am moderating this one, so will be leaving most of the cleverness to the very qualified Claire Brialey, Jennifer A. McGowan/Arianrhod o
Gymru, Erin Horakova and Anne Lyle. Official blurb: "William Shakespeare is one of the most studied and discussion writers of all time - but what about his fantasy works? A special look at the fantasy and supernatural elements of William Shakespeare’s plays - A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Macbeth and Hamlet - in the context of his works, Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, and the broader world of the 16th and 17th century that surrounded him."

Comics Outside the Mainstream
Sunday 8 April, 12:00pm (Edwardian Room)
Official blurb: "What good comics are published outside the big two? What is published on the web and outside mainstream publishing entirely? Are comic creators increasingly moving to the freedom of publishing outside the major distributors?" I'm moderating, with Sarah Green, Michele Howe, C. E. Murphy and Kat Takenaka.

Slash and Burn; or, How to Win a Fan Award
Sunday 8 April, 6:00pm (Winchester Room)
As a winner of multiple Tin Duck, Ditmar and Atheling awards, and half of a Chronos, I feel ably and smugly qualified to talk about this one. This will also feature Michael Abbott, James
Bacon, Claire Brialey and Alison Scott. Some of whom have Hugos, so that kind of puts my arrogant smugness in place before I've started. Official blurb: "What with the various fan funds, Hugos, Doc Weir, Novas, FAAN awards and Tin Ducks there seems at times to be an endless amount of prizes that people can win for just being a fan. Do they mean anything? How do you win one? Does it change your life? The panel discusses what it takes to be an award winning fan writer or fanzine producer, lifts the lid on the dark arts of fanzine editing, and considers the relevance of awards in this day and age."

I believe I might also be participating in the fan auction, but haven't had that officially confirmed yet.

(Photo at the top by Tom Bicknell, taken from his Flickr account.)

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