July 6, 2012

Two links

  • One of the stranger blogs I've seen recently: Black Out Korea, which details in photographic form loads and loads of Koreans sleeping on benches, pavements, and so on. My eyebrow is officially raised.
  • Some interesting weekend reading: the producers of the upcoming animated film Escape from Planet Earth are suing their distributor the Weinstein Company for $50 million and change. Here's a link to their actual submitted lawsuit. It's an eye-opener, and - as you might expect if you're suing someone - ridiculously aggressive and packed to the gills with character attacks, accusations of incompetence and Hollywood producers scrambling around theatres on all fours eating M&Ms.


  1. If they lose, they will never make another film again. If they win, they might still never make another film again, but at least put a dent in one of the biggest asshole in the industry's armor.


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