March 13, 2013

Enterprise: "Precious Cargo"

Commander Tucker helps repair the systems of a Retellian cargo freighter, only to be taken captive when he discovers their cargo: a cryogenically frozen alien princess kidnapped for ransom. While Captain Archer attempts to track Tucker's abductors down, Tucker and Princess Kaitaama break free from the Retellians and go on the run for their lives.

This episode took me four attempts to get through. Admittedly I was watching quite late at night each time, and so may have just been a bit tired, but four attempts really does indicate that this episode lacks something. To be honest there's simply nothing here: it's fluff, inoffensive, forgettable and rather dull.

This is the problem with American network television: the need to find between 22 and 26 original, interesting stories every year. It's a logistical nightmare, and while the very best of television drama might manage it (The West Wing did, for example, and ER came very close) for everyone else it's an impossible pursuit. It's always been a challenge for Star Trek, whatever the iteration.

Connor Trinneer is a wonderfully charismatic performer, and to be honest he carries the bulk of this episode. Both Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock gets some opportunities for comedy, in a very old-fashioned "Kirk and Spock" fashion, but it's simply not enough to get me interested.

So this episode gets a "no" vote from me, leaving Enterprise Season 2 with six good episodes out of 11, or a rolling total of 55%.

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