December 12, 2011

Homemade Rage #3: Clare and the Reasons, Nerina Pallot,

Another instalment of Homemade Rage, another three songs I like that you may not have heard of before. First up: Clare and the Reasons combine a lead singer with a beautiful voice and some lovely orchestral-style strings. This is "Alphabet City", which is a song I absolutely adore.

I first heard Nerina Pallot on a free CD from HMV while travelling in the UK. I've been a pretty big fan of her music ever since. I'm not sure how her career's gone in the UK; in Australia it was only her song "Everybody's Going to War" that seemed to get any airplay or notice. This is "Real Late Starter", from her third album The Graduate.

Finally, this is the John Barry Orchestra playing his main theme to Dances with Wolves. I'm a big fan of the late John Barry, particularly his many James Bond film themes, but this score to Kevin Costner's western is easily my favourite of his numerous scores.

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